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Woodburning and multifuel stoves

At Fires and Fireplaces we stock a good range of woodburning and multi-fuel stoves. Because of the Size of our showroom in Wiltshire we are able to carry many of our stoves in stock. From traditional to more contemporary styles we are sure we can find a suitable stove for your needs.

We have Live displays of wood burning stoves many can also be multifuel, come into the showroom and see thes fires working


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  Marlborough Electric Stove A real fire look with the ease of electricit..

  Marlborough Gas Stove Designed to suit your lifestyle The Marlbor..

  Matrix Glass Icon Gas Stove The same stunning look of the Matrix Black Glass ..

  Matrix Satin Charcoal Ludo Gas Stove The same stunning look of the Matrix Sat..

Medium Icon Electric Stove   The Medium Icon Electric stove has an eye-catch..

Medium Icon Gas Stove   The Medium Icon gas stove has an eye-catching glass-..

Medium Icon Woodburner or Multi-fuel Stove The Medium Icon stove 6.5kw (Air Vent Required) is..

Minister Cast Iron Stove Master Stove Range   The Minister Cast Iron Stove is a ..

  Modern Semi-Inset Multi-fuel Stove 5Kw Quick and hassle-free in..

Monaco Semi-Inset Multi-fuel Stove The Monaco Semi-inset Multi-fuel Stove ..

Oswald Electric Stove Casting Iron Electric Stove An electric stove version of t..

  Oswold 3.5 Gas Stove Refined styling and efficient heating technology ..

  Oswold 4 Multifuel Stove 4.9kW Equally suitable for a country cottage or mod..

  Oswold 6 Stove Refined styling and powerful heating The Oswold 6 multi..

  Oswold 7.5 Stove The graceful lines of a classic stove  The Oswol..

  Oswold 9 Stove A design classic even when not ablaze This is the large..

Rocco Multi-fuel Stove The Rocco is a cast iron 5kW Multi-fuel Stove it comes with the Ai..

Slice 1000 Inset Woodburning Stove The new Slice 1000 Inset is the smallest in the inset rang..

Slice 5000 (Double Sided) Inset Woodburning Stove A wow factor woodburner Slice D..

Slice Duo Gas Stove The Slice Duo Gas Stoves available as the 3000 & 5000 models Come..

Slice Freestanding Woodburning Stoves Stunning Freestanding Stoves The Slice woodburning ..

Slice Glass Wood burning Inset Stove A sleek and distinctive woodburner With its ..

Slice Infinity (Frameless) Woodburning Stove A beautiful focal point to your room ..

Slice Inset Wood burning Stove with Slender Fireplace The timeless beauty of natural Bl..

Slice Inset Wood burning Stove with Small Trim A heart-warming focal point to your home..

Slice Large Curved Trim Wood burning Inset Stove A statement frame to create a designer..

Slice Large Flat Trimmed Wood burning Inset Stove The perfect blend of functionality an..

Silce Wedge Wood burning Inset Stove Heat your home in flawless style The Wedge t..

Small Icon Electric Stove   The Small Icon Electric stove has an eye-catchin..

Small Icon Gas Stove   The Small Icon gas stove has an eye-catching glass-fr..
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